Sunday, March 13, 2011

Is Sachin’s hundred unlucky for team India?

Again, yesterday Sachin Tendulkar scored a ton and India lost the game. A few days back, he scored hundred against England and India could not win. But remember 2003 world cup, in a big match against Pakistan, Master Blaster got out on 98 and India won! Does this clearly indicate Sachin’s ton is unlucky for team India?

I think the human memory is designed to remember all the wrong things more vividly, but the numbers don’t lie, thanks to statistics which is free from this kind of memory disorders.

This link gives some interesting facts about this issue. Out of 48 one day centuries Sachin has scored till the date 33 has resulted in a win and 2 in a draw. Sachin also tops the chart of players whose tons helped in winning cause of their team.

Another interesting thing in the chart is; he also tops when it comes to remaining not out after scoring a ton while team is winning the match. This gives a shock to the belief that Master Blaster is not a finisher.

Do you really think Sachin is unlucky for India? Is it fair to blame him for poor performance of rest of 10 in the team?


  1. Obviously you can't blame Sachin if the rest of the team does not play well !
    Its just a perfect co-incidence according to me.

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