Monday, March 22, 2010

Decos Trip 2010 - Candolim Goa

On occasion of Decos India completing 10 years, company arranged a trip, and what could be a better place than Goa!

On Mar 12 we all left Pune around 11 pm in two Bercedes Benz and one Volvo. In Goa we had a two night stay at Candolim beach Hotel Fortune. Hotel is good, food is okay, I recommend heavy breakfast for veggies rather than expecting too much from buffet lunch , Hotel has its own spa, pool and gym.

 It was my first encounter with Mercedes Benz bus so I was happy, good start  :)

Had very a motivating session on Decos culture day and Flight of Imagination

I hit the beach early in the morning to get good snaps, However, too much fog was bit of a spoiler.

Sight of sunrise is always very inspiring to me

I have been to many beaches in Goa, but it was by first time on Candolim beach. Beach is clean and nice. It is kind of private beach as people staying in nearby hotels are the only visitors here. However, I would still rate Palolem beach of Goa much higher!

They say this ship is ported here since last 10 years, it came to this beach in year 2000, What a Waste! I had a good swim here though this beach is said to be not so safe to swim due to presence of this ship.

Another View. Even though it is visually pleasant to see such a huge vessel so close to a tourist beach, a large section of the beach has already been washed away because of the presence of the MV River Princess. Presently the ship is under legal battle.

These air bags would probably be used while moving this ship away fron the beach.

 Follow Me! Perfect Manager :) 

My worst fears came in reality when Admin and HR decided to take us to Calangute beach. I knew a good sunset photo on Goan sea will remain for my next trip here.The beach was as crowded as it can be! 

Well, while I left 'sunset over sea' snap for my next trip here, I did manage to capture the sun over trees.

I could capture these even when a lot of crowd around the scene. Thanks to my super zoom wide angle SP 590 UZ!

The King Bird Eagle. I always wanted to capture this bird, and I got it where I least expected. That's life anyway :-)

After sunset went wrong, I thought nothing can go wrong now, but one should never underestimate planning committee. Next big thing was a cruise ship ride. I was actually excited about it earlier, however what I didn't know was, it was the same thing I used to see in Mandovi river of Panji and think I am never going to ride this. Look at the crowd there, I opted for feet safety over wearing my dancing shoes for that floor.

 Next morning, I enjoined para-sailing and water bike ride for a sum for rupees 500. But if you are any fairer or darker than normal Indian skin, be ready to pay 10 times more for these things ;-)

My Team!

Decos Family. Do not try to find me there, I am in style = "display: none;"

 Some fun on the road back to Pune :). My (terrible) dancing skills were on display.


  1. All snaps are gud Anup..the one stating "follow me" i liked d most...cheers!!

  2. great capture - "Sight of sunrise is always very inspiring to me"

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  4. Very nice pics bhai.. Nayee hobby shuru ki hai kya?

  5. Haan.. ghoomte toh reheta hoon.. ab kuch idhar udhar clicks karne bhi suru kiye hai :)