Friday, February 4, 2011

Sangamwadi - Shadal Baba Dargah road is now operational (Sangamwadi Bypass)

Just few days ago I checked the status of this road on google maps and to my surprise it was nearing completion.
I was happy for both google maps updates and the construction status of the road  :)

Today morning I used the much awaited Sangamwadi - Shadal Baba Dargah road for the first time.
Using this road one can skip Sangamwadi goan and Bombay Sappers to reach Yerwada and Airport.

This road was under construction since a long because of the army concerns (must be related to security).

Although the road is dusty now, it was pleasure riding over it as it saves me from bumpy ride from Sangamwadi to Bombay Sappers. However once this road ends you are expected to face more traffic.

The line in red is the new road. About the quality of the road, it is a tar road and not cement one but it is good enough to carry 3 SUVs both sides at a time.

I will come up with photos of this fresh road soon :)

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